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London Defi Summit | Sep 10-11
Heads up folks, we're co-organizing the upcoming DeFi Summit London, a 2-day community conference connecting DeFi entrepreneurs, academics, investors, economists, regulators, liquidity providers, and other stakeholders who aim to further explore and network in the Decentralized Finance industry. 

The agenda is shaping up as we speak, in the meantime anyone with an interest in the space is free to submit a session proposal.

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😎 Cool new projects
A NFT compatible fork of Uniswap to trade crypto collectibles.

Philippe from Horizon Games has open-sourced the code of a Uniswap fork tailored to handle ERC-1155 rather than ERC-20s. They key difference is that the base currency is metaDAI rather than ETH, a wrapper around DAI that has native meta-transaction functionalities and allows for txs fees to be paid without needing ETH.

(website is down at the time of sending)
Niftyswap Github
ERC-20 meta wrapper
A Uniswap-like DEX built on Tezos.

There isn't much yet to play with unless you're comfortable with the CLI, and there aren't many assets live on Tezos yet to start with (aside from a few STOs), but there's already a Uniswap-style on-chain DEX in the making that claims to be positioning for a wave on new projects launching on the chain in the not so distant future.

Liquidity providers will be able to earn liquidity and staking rewards simultaneously, with some thoughts going into dynamically-adjusting fees and a form of governance to let them elect their baker of choice. All formally verified of course.

It seems a little counter-intuitive to build a DEX before a critical mass of tradable assets even exists, but things that take-off are rarely intuitive (or maybe @Camlcase knows something the market doesn't?), so we'll watch this space with interest.

Command-line tutorial
A decentralized CMS platform for community-led projects.

The newest version of Kauri features the ability to collaboratively build, edit and manage developer onboarding experiences in a decentralied fashion, storing all content in IPFS and using POA and Ethereum to manage write permissions.

The first communities are DeFi, Ethereum for Java Developers, Privacy, and Scaling.
Awesome to see more work going into creating great Ethereum and web 3 developer onboarding experiences that leverage the underlying technology itself.

(Also it looks like Kauri has a neat 'import from Medium' feature which we are definitely going to look into!)
A beautifully-designed crypto mobile wallet app.

Spot have released the new iteration of their mobile wallet app and it didn't disappoint. As expected, the design and UX are really stunning. Instant BTC purchases with fiat is a nice addition to the portfolio tracking functionalities. 👌
A DAO for the #YangGang community to coordinate and fund projects of shared interest.

Amazing to see DAOs getting into politics with a fork of MolochDAO funded by Metacartel to round up and help the supporters of the 2020 US Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang coordinate. This is going to be a great test bed for DAOs and looking forward to seeing the level of uptake and impact it can have.

PS: more on what MetaCartel is up to here.
A curated, community compiled list of everywhere you can use DAI.

As it says on the tin. One to bookmark and revisit regularly, kickstarted by Ben DiFrancesco!
An interactive, visual and auditory exploration of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

Pretty mind blowing (the Brave browser does not seem to like it though).
A blockchain oracle with economic guarantees around the cost of corrupting the system.

The UMA team have published a new paper last week introducing the concept and design for an oracle construction, called a Data Verification Mechanism (DVM), that guarantees the economic security of a smart contract and oracle system in a fully decentralized and permissionless blockchain setting by ensuring that the cost of corruption is always greater than the potential profit available via bribes.

This sounds fascinating and can't wait to find the time to dive into it.

Summary slides
A Set that automatically rebalances based on technical indicators.

The Set team have launched the ETH20SMACO Set which automatically gets in/out of ETH (and out/in of USDC) based on the reading of the 20 day simple moving average (the price oracle comes from MakerDAO). Whether you believe in TA or not, the fact that this sort of algorithmic trading strategies are now available to anyone in a permissionless fashion is in itself mind blowing.

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