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Aragon Agent and the future of DAOs
Stefano wrote about Aragon Agent here. He is very excited about it.

Obvious disclaimer / reminder: Stefano is employed by the Aragon Association, and holds ANT.
🔥Must read this week
Featured on Token Economy - Max Bronstein of Dharma drops part 2 of his exploration of memetics applied to open networks (here for part 1).
Featured on Token Economy - A technical beginners guide the author wished would have existed a few months ago before he started digging into it.

If you want to take the time, this is a nice primer, but it gets technical.
Good take on why decentralized prediction markets platforms like Augur matter: they represent a new format for online communities to express themselves.
A really interesting game theoretic perspective by David Hoffman on what drives MKR value: it's a long waiting game for who'll be the last to sell out to the perpetual auction. Incentives are a beautiful thing.
"Although the crypto industry remains in its infancy, we think institutional investors should begin exploring it." 

Cambridge Associates puts crypto firmly on the radar of most institutions out there.
Placeholder continue to build on the 'governance is valuable' narrative with a thoughtful post by Joel where he argues that the power to change the rules of a cryptonetwork is a form of capital.
A Naval-inspirated take on the crypto trias politica, in which the the executive branch is represented by the development team, the legislative one by a Foundation and the miners are the Judiciary.
Lots of really cool charts by Tuur Demeester plotting Bitcoin hodlers sentiment and emotional state over time.  No spoilers!
Tendermint is essentially the default for anyone that needs to roll their own consensus or chain, so I feel it's somewhat of a duty to understand how it works.

That, plus Cosmos (which obviously uses it) should be launching hopefully in the coming years, it's even more relevant.
Tezos on-chain governance has a chance to show itself. This post is an introduction to how they work.
😎 Cool new projects
Stanford's cryptography stars Dan Boneh and Benedikt Bünz, with two researchers from Visa, have dropped a super interesting whitepaper for an Ethereum-compatible private payment mechanism that provides both anonymity and confidentiality using an improvement over Bulletproofs (as opposed to the ZKP approach used by Aztec).

Pretty expensive gas-wise at the moment, but room for optimization. Exciting times for privacy-preserving tech (h/t Mihailo Bjelic).

Tweetstorm from Jordan at Scalar.
It's great to see some seller infrastructure getting built for OpenBazaar. 

Zokos allows sellers to setup an OB storefront from the web, without having to download  and run the software. It compromises some of the censorship-resistance and security features of dealing directly with OB in the name of more convenience.
MyEtherWallet is far from dead after the split from MyCrypto.

The product is actually beautiful and has also added Bity support.

You can cash out crypto to any bank account, with just a phone number.

Now, here it says it is KYC-less - but obviously you are providing name on the account, address, and so on.
But still, you're not giving away your passport data to another website.

Let's see how long they can keep this up
eth.events has added SQL on top of their ElasticSearch offering, so now anyone can query the Ethereum chain for data like it's interacting with a Postgres database (cause they are). 

Not fans of the centralization aspect of it obviously, but we think it's very needed to get more devs on the platform that it's a great compromise in the short term.
A new product for everyday staking needs is coming to market in beta mode, starting with Tezos. 

The experience is looking as neat and simple as it should be from the screenshots.
Great round-up of all defi projects emerging from ETHDenver, by Teo of The Block: Delfi, zDai, ETH This Then That, Universal Wallet and Safe CDP.

Can you see where this is going?
Burner wallets can be a game-changer. They can enable instant KYC-less commerce. The folks at Gitcoin chronicle the usage of burner wallets with DAI / bufficoins at Etherdenver.
The folks at Blockstream have released the code for their MuSig implementation which produces more secure signatures for Bitcoin and other chains that use ECDSA signatures.
Curated on a Product Hunt collection!
💰 New funds
Pantera Capital's third fund is getting closer to its $175M target, having secured $125M so far (an extra $25M since summer last year when it announced the $100M milestone). 

Crypto winter is being blamed for the relatively slow pace of fundraising. 
Japan's Recruit Holdings has launched a $25M corporate venture fund focused on blockchain tech. The fund is based out of Singapore and can invest in equity, tokens and other funds.
💸 Funding rounds
Gnosis announced the first batch of projects that will get funding from its ecosystem fund:
- Protofire: interface for DutchX bidders
- PoolX: a pooling application to kick-start markets on DutchX
- TasitSDK: JavaScript SDK for native mobile Ethereum dapps that integrate with the Gnosis Safe 
- Flyingcarpet: integrating prediction markets into a decentralized geospatial platform.
As usual, some cool stuff here, including Matter and LeapDAO
It looks like Beam took a bit more money from Japan's Recruit Holdings (who just launched a new crypto fund).
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