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🔥Must read this week
Tuur Demeester from Adamant Capital published a rather compelling report arguing that Bitcoin is now in accumulation phase, ie the last phase of a bear market.
Great overview by Richard Chen of 1confirmation of the advantages and tradeoffs of 3 different approaches to decentralized exchange design (order book, automated market making and dutch auctions).
Spencer from Blockchain Capital shares his views on catalysts that are likely to significantly accelerate the crypto adoption curve over the next few years (ie fiat coins providing a bridge and social networks with massive user bases coming with the massive user bases).
Long post where the dev team lead at Digix goes through the most notable DAO concepts, including some of the new ones coming to market in 2019.
😎 Cool new projects
Our friends from TokenSets have publicly launched their Strategy Enabled Tokens, ie ERC20 tokens that represents exposure to automated asset management strategies executed trustlessly in the background by the Set protocol.

For example, anyone can now own a token that automatically gives the holder exposure to buying and selling ETH or BTC within a certain volatility range, or a portfolio of long ETH and BTC that rebalances monthly. Keen to see more strategies becoming available, including exposure to synthetic tokens representing real world assets like baskets equities for example.

It's absolutely fascinating seeing the defi building blocks coming together and enabling new kinds of products and categories.
The new version of Instadapp is out in the wild, supporting Maker, Kyber and Uniswap all in one dashboard, including the long-awaited ability to visualize and manage Uniswap liquidity pools.

Can't wait to test it out.
Nice little gem built by team Zerion at the YC hackathon over a weekend, combining the super powers of Wyre, Plaid and Compound, and obviously built on Ethereum. 

From fiat to earning interest on Compound in less than a minute, on the mobile. 🤯 
The latest product from Concourse Open is a payroll and remittance platform that uses DAI, built for a global, distributed workforce that legacy payroll solutions are no longer geared to address effectively.
A completely revamped dydx has been released on mainnet in alpha. 

That includes a new front end with more pro features and functionalities (eg up to 4x leverage) and new audited smart contracts powering it. It seems like Expo will be slowly sidelined. 
The 3Box team continues to ship building blocks for decentralized digital identity. The latest addition offers users a unified view of all personal data in their 3Box data hub, all securely stored on IPFS. 

The idea is to put users in full control of their digital footprint, allowing them to manage how and if applications can access personal data. 
Alice was one of the winners of the 0x/Coinlist virtual hackathon. The team is now building a mobile 'dapp wallet' as a platform for developers to build React Native mini dapps accessible natively from it.

Excited to see where this one goes.
New week, brand new defi dashboard. This one is all about DAI, showing supply and demand of the stablecoin across other defi projects.

Private and secure implementation of a ‘dead man’s switch’, using bitcoin payments via lightning network as the trigger mechanism. 

The switch (eg an encrypted message to a loved one) will be deployed automatically upon failure to renew the payment after a set time. Neat.
Curated on a Product Hunt collection!
💰 New funds
A new $50M fund called Proof of Capital has launched, managed by Phil Chen (HTC), Chris McCann (Greylock) and Edith Yeung (500 Startups).

The fund will be broadly focused on blockchain technologies and Web3, with a deliberately global remit to capture innovation from outside the traditional US hubs.
Collaborative Fund have unveiled their dedicated crypto effort run by Stephen McKeon (not from a separate entity by the sound of it). Existing investments in the space include Tagomi, Algorand, Starkware, Coda, Bitwise, Spacemesh, Maker, Radar and Zeppelin.

The thesis revolves around next gen financial infrastructure leveraging distributed architecture. They also announced they have a special partnership with exchange Bitstamp, though more details will be shared.
💸 Funding rounds
Hayden Adams has announced the closing of a seed round from Paradigm to build a business on top of the Uniswap protocol.

Can't wait to see which approach they will take to monetizing this amazing open source public good.
BOLT Labs has raised $1.5M in funding from Dekrypt Capital, the Zcash Foundation, Ripple’s Xpring, Lemniscap, Vy Capital, Access Ventures, Kilowatt Capital and Branson Bollinger. 

Bolt is working on a privacy focused payment channel system, with the first proof-of-concept being developed for zcash.
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