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🔥Must read this week
Featured on TE - chunky and data rich analysis of expected net yields for small validators under the current Ethereum 2.0 specs, by Collin of ConsenSys. Tldr? Not particularly attractive.

+ Someone looked into the returns liquidity providers are getting on Uniswap.
Featured on TE - Max from Dharma dives on the power of memes in driving the birth and growth of open networks. Can Memetics apply to crypto?
Long essay where Joey Krug of Pantera/Augur outlines their investment thesis which is interestingly all about open finance: "The killer apps from the decentralized/parallel financial system use cases are already live. They work, they’re just slow and expensive."
Contrarian take on DAI by Hasu and Su Zhu, where they argue that unlike other stablecoins DAI has scaling constraints as it's inefficient to arb.
The Multicoin printing press is back in action with a post outlining which marketplaces are best architected in a decentralized fashion and why.
Great historical overview of MimbleWimble, Grin and BEAM by Arjun from The Block.

+ a in depth essay on Grin's monetary model, comparing it to Bitcoin, Gold and USD. 
Lots of interesting thoughts by ex-Polychain Ryan on token economic models in next-gen crypto networks.
Simple yet thought provoking framework by Chris Dixon of A16Z, who argues new technologies always come in weak/strong pairs. Applies to crypto too.

"Weak technologies adapt to the world as it currently exists. Strong technologies adapt the world to themselves. Progress depends on strong technologies."
Joel of Placeholder shares some thoughts on funding teams vs funding networks, the latter requiring being active in secondary markets to support price levels or cool off heated markets.
TL;DR: long-term, income-generating assets
😎 Cool new projects
I guess 'Unveiling Veil' too obvious...

After being live on testnet since September last year, Veil is ready for mainnet next week (same day as Grin coincidentally, or purposely).

This is a big moment for Augur, as it gets a consumer grade front end that takes away most of the UX frictions of interacting with the default Augur app and enriches the experience with additional features (like the option to settle immediately instead of waiting for Augur reporting). This also shows the power of Ethereum modularity, with smart contracts from Augur and 0x together enabling a new user experience (while unlocking a potentially lucrative business opportunity).

Interestingly one of the first live markets will be on Grin's price and hashrate, so the many who are invested in mining operations will have an opportunity to hedge themselves.

Veil also announced their Seed round, led by Paradigm and participated by Sequoia and 1confirmation.

(Disclaimer: we are personal LPs in 1confirmation).
This is one of the obvious business opportunities in crypto as projects start to hit mainnet and generate actual usage. Great to see a few great quality teams going after it.

The Scout team is building BI tools for the Ethereum blockchain so that teams can generate and learn from custom KPI dashboards without having to reinvent the wheel internally.
The MakerDAO ecosystem continues to compound.

There's now a secondary marketplace for distressed CDPs that allows owners to avoid the liquidation fee or getting liquidity without having to pay back DAI (on Kovan testnet for now).

And there seems to be a nascent market for vanity CDP #s too...
In a public first, 0x is actually now paying people to start market making on its various relayers (get $15k plus support).
Software developers sure have a way to confuse users.

In any case, this is a cool multi-chain wallet with account recovery.

The interesting part is that they offer it to developers who want to integrate it into their own apps.

We thing there's a really big market there.
For all of the IRS-compliers, another exchange transaction importer - with auto-fill for tax forms like 8949 & Schedule D.
Fairly complicated, but a new framework to build crypto-derivatives.

It's comprised of fiat tokens issued on-chain by reputable third-parties (??), decentralized oracles for any external data feeds and financial contract templates based on ACTUS.
Visually stunning new mac wallet with support for Coinbase and Binance in the future.

Not sure who uses stuff like this, but probably good for some novice users?
Another of the "invest in people" marketplaces, but this one is at least pretty well designed.
Curated on a Product Hunt collection!
💰 New funds
Who knows if we'll even see some in here this year..
💸 Funding rounds
We've featured Totle before (the DEX aggregator), and they've now announced their round from Arrington XRP, NEO Global Capital (NGC), and Goren Holm Ventures.
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